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Web content retrieval and generation is a part of our ongoing project in Information Retrieval on Semantic Web. Our web application helps content writers get relevant and qualitative content which can boost web page views. The source of this content is usually high-ranking websites.
You need to simply type in a Seed Phrase to get related content. If you choose to use the Random Retrieval option in most cases you will be getting almost unlimited content suggestions by simply repeating the search. Our algorithms provide a Semantic Similarity between seed phrases and the retrieved content. This similarity is based on conceptual relation which means that the suggested content is close to the seed query in terms of close meaning (or sense) and does not necessarily contain seed words as such. In addition to randomization you can tweak the number of concepts in order to increase or refine content coverage.
Some people may use this tool for creating spam sites blindly copying the retrieved content. We certainly do not approve this action but have no control over it. We strongly recommend that content suggestions are used as an example and good motivation for writing your own text. It has been also proven to be a nice source of accumulated information about the subject you intend to describe.
Please, be patient. Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms we use require a lot of computation so that some queries may take more than a minute to run. We are working on performance improvement. We are open for any type of collaborative work on this project. We appreciate your input in using our tool for your purposes.

Insert seed phrase (e.g. “dog training” or “web hosting using cloud computing servers”)
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